New research: How do hyperlocals contribute to local democracy and what do they need?

Collaborative survey asks about hyperlocals’ contribution to the UK media landscape.

Hyperlocal publishing and community websites are becoming an increasingly important feature of the UK media landscape, supplementing existing print titles and other local platforms.  In some places they may even be the only form of dedicated media coverage. Continue reading

WordPress to Wikitude

If you have previously been posting your geolocated content to Wikitude using the instructions and files in this post, Import your WordPress content in to Wikitude, then this post is an optional update.

I have updated the wikitude.php file so that it now works with the Geolocation Plus plugin rather than WP Geo, this means that you can remove the WP Geo plugin and reduce your workflow by only having the geolocate your content once.

As I say it is optional, if you want to do the update then the instructions are as follows. Continue reading

Augmented Reality roundup

It has been a while since we last posted anything about Augmented Reality, over the past few weeks we have all been busy showing people the content that we are pulling in to the HypARlocal layer on the Layar app, investigating new platforms & use cases and talking at conferences.

A few weeks ago Will Perrin spoke at the Guardian Mobile Business Summit in London, you can see the video of his presentation here and his slides are available here.

Last week Sarah Hartley spoke that the News:Rewired event about all things AR, you can see her slides here and listen to a podcast that Sarah recoded for here.

If you want to take part in the HypARlocal project you can follow the instructions on this site and then sign up to have your site included here.

Geolocating your content using Drupal

Thanks to Matt Burke from My Tunstall for these instructions.

If you want to Geolocate content posted on your Drupal site you will need a couple of modules Drupal Views Drupal Location

Drupal has a module called the “Location module”, a fantastic add on for the CMS, which allowed me to create a location based business directory on MyTunstall in hours, and the bespoke feed for Talkabout Local AR in about 5 minutes. Continue reading

Rate My Place added to our AR layer

I bumped in to Stuart Harrison from Lichfield DC at Local Gov Camp in Birmingham on Saturday and we had a chat about our Augmented Reality project, the Rate My Place website and the food hygiene ratings it provides for businesses in Staffordshire.

We had already done a small test with him taking the latest 10 or so ratings in a couple of areas and putting them in to our layer in the Layar app so it seemed logical to look at the possibility of adding all the data from Rate My Place in to our layer. Continue reading

Augmented Reality Webinar

We are going to be holding a short Webinar on Wednesday 25 July at 1500. The webinar is mainly for the Nesta & Technology Strategy Board awardees so we can explain how our Augmented Reality project has worked and how we can help on their projects.

Nesta & TSB projects will get first call on attending and any remaining available space in the session will be available to our Hyperlocal friends. We will look at running further webinars in the future if there is enough demand.

If you are interested in attending please use the form below to register. Continue reading

What can you see in the Hyperlocal Layer?

The hyperlocal layer using Adrian Short’s Apollo platform has been running for a few days now and has some content in it that is being updated constantly. I thought I should list the content creators and locations a little more clearly so you know what to expect if you load the layer up in the Layar app.

Over on the right sidebar on the front page, you will see a list of participants which I update periodically. The links in the list go directly to the source site and not necessarily to the content you may see in the layer so here is a more descriptive list, which I’ll update as I add more content and links. Continue reading

Adding posts to Wikitude

Last week I wrote a how to guide for taking your content from your self-hosted WordPress site and having it show up in Wikitude.

I’ve been playing around with and Wkitude and now have a some simple instructions for how to manually add your content to Wikitude from your hosted site.

For this guide to work you will need Continue reading

Import your WordPress content in to Wikitude

How to import posts from a WordPress blog into the Wikitude augmented reality environment.

From our early tests, Wikitude seems to show blog posts cosmetically better than Layar/BuildAR – more of the text content appears and it looks quite a bit smarter on the phone. It also allows readers to click through to your original post on your site if they wish, which was something early testers said was important. But it requires some setting up in your wordpress install to get it working. Continue reading