What can you see in the Hyperlocal Layer?

The hyperlocal layer using Adrian Short’s Apollo platform has been running for a few days now and has some content in it that is being updated constantly. I thought I should list the content creators and locations a little more clearly so you know what to expect if you load the layer up in the Layar app.

Over on the right sidebar on the front page, you will see a list of participants which I update periodically. The links in the list go directly to the source site and not necessarily to the content you may see in the layer so here is a more descriptive list, which I’ll update as I add more content and links.

Battle of Naseby, we have added some geolocated content of the battle fields around Naseby, so you can see what some of those bumps on the ground are. Sadly the lack of 3g coverage in the area means you probably won’t be able to use this on the ground there.

Fix My Street, everyone’s favourite website for reporting stuff to your local council. We have taken the rss feed for reports to Camden Borough Council, Birmingham City Council & Stoke-on-Trent City Council and added a geographical feed for the area around Wandsworth.

Flickr, we have added content that is geolocated in London as a feed and added it in to the Layer.  We’ve removed this as there was too much content!

Friends of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, blog posts from Lincoln’s Inn Fields area of London.

Greener Leith, we have taken the rss feed from Ally Tibberts Greener Leith Audio Boos and included them in the layer.

Hedon Blog, we have added geolocated content from the Hedon blog in to the layer.

HU12 Online, again we have taken the geolocated content from the site in to the layer.

It’s Happening In Heeley, this is a site that Talk About Local helped to set up in the Heeley area of Sheffield, taking their traditional newsletter and putting it on-line.

Kings Cross Environment, content from around the Kings Cross area of London.

n0tice, we have taken the feed from n0tice and included that in the layer so that will update as new content is added. Top Tip! If there is no content in the layer near to you, then you could sign up for a n0tice account and add your own content that will appear in the layer within about an hour.

Pits n Pots, geolocated content around Stoke-on-Trent.

The Edinburgh Reporter, geolocated content in and around Edinburgh.

Visit Turriff, local news and information from a small market town in the north east of Scotland.

Wake Green Park, geolocated blog posts from the Wake Green Park estate in Birmingham.

Rate My Place, see this post Rate My Place added to our AR layer for more detail.

You can load the layer in the to the Layar app by searching for HypARlocal Apollo, you can get the Layar app by searching the app store or market place for your device.

If you run a hyperlocal site and would like your content adding to the layer so you can test it and play with it please do get in touch with us either in the comments below or by E-mail to hello at talkaboutlocal.org.

If you know of any really cool geolocated content that we could add to the layer, please let us know about it.

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